Schoolhouse Flats in Irvington

338 South Arlington Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219, USA

Core Redevelopment is excited to announce its first property located in Irvington! Formally known as Indianapolis Public School #85 Schoolhouse Flats offers its rich history as a foundation to it’s newest chapter, residential flats.

 Core Redevelopment is excited to announce that the Schoolhouse Flats in Irvington available now!!

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Schoolhouse Flats’ history dates back to the late 1920s when it was named after well-known music teacher, George Loomis. Loomis published music and books for his students at the school and around the United States. Loomis would eventually become the superintendent of music for all of the Indianapolis Public Schools. This property is located in South Irvington Offering a unique living experience to residents.

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